And so it begins…

This weekend saw a fresh crop of St. Peter’s rowers make their way down to the boat house for the first time. Upon arrival they were shown the basics of the rowing stroke, learnt the difference between “bowside” and “strokeside”, and pushed off to make a splash on the Isis. Their safe arrival back at the boat house was rewarded with a new-found love of rowing, and a burger or several.
Judging by the state of the sign-up sheets for further novice outings this week, a sunny autumn afternoon paddle on the river has produced many keen new rowers. If you haven’t yet been involved in rowing with SPCBC, then there is still time to write your name on one of the sign-up sheets in the college lodge for outings in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you to everyone who helped out this weekend! Whether it was by coaching, sitting the boat, coxing, demonstrating your excellent technique on the erg, flipping burgers, carrying the BBQ down to the river etc. your help was absolutely invaluable.
Rebecca Howett

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