St Peter’s College Boat Club is always appreciative of all kinds of contributions – including fan support! Read below and let us know if there is something that you would like to give back that isn’t mentioned here.
Be a Fan
  • Come to races and cheer on the crews of SPCBC! Regatta dates are available in advance on the Events page and you can stay up to date on our ambitions and successes with the blog.
Get in Touch 
  • Sometimes the team has special needs related to racing, traveling, or equipment. Keep an eye out for information on team needs in our bulletins or newsletters. If you’re not on the Friends mailing list please share your information with us in the form on the Sign up page

How to Contribute to the Boat Club

  • St Peter’s College Boat Club historically has received generous gifts in the form of racing shells, coaching launches, or racing kit. Such special gifts go a long way. If you have something special to offer or want to get involved, please email the boat club with your ideas.
  • Are you interested in making a donation, or rallying your crew/squad to make a contribution to the boathouse? Click here to financially contribute to the Boat Club directly, or contact the College’s Development Office in order to get further information as well as best practices for group gifts.
  • Helping the Boat Club to secure corporate sponsorship. The Boat Club is actively seeking corporate sponsorship and has material that can be presented to any corporate body interested in entering negotiations with the Boat Club. If you think you could help the Boat Club in this matter, please request our corporate information pack.
  • Your donations are tax deductible and will be credited to the Boat Club exclusively for the support of St Peter’s Men’s and Women’s rowing programs. As a restricted gift, it cannot be credited to the General College Fund, which is comprised of unrestricted gifts used across the College.
Please consider helping.