Very few people arrive with prior experience and Michaelmas Term is the time that majority of people learn to row, with the novice-only Christ Church Regatta to build towards.
Rowing training consists of:
Water outings
Land training
  • The Ergometer – it’s a love-hate relationship…
  • Tank sessions – a fixed boat in a tank of water with mirrors surrounding you to help focus on technique
  • Other cardiovascular training – we have been known to take part in team circuits and go on runs
So… …Why Row?
  • Enjoyment Rowing combines technical expertise with fitness and crew spirit to produce the ultimate team sport
  • Social Scene From the infamous crew dates with other colleges to BBQs and fabulous end of term dinners.

“Eat, drink and be merry! For tomorrow we die on a 2k erg test” – Philip JP, SPCBC

  • Academic Benefits Rowing can add both structure and a breath of fresh air to your day whether you’re are a science or arts student.
  • Health Benefits Rowing will improve both your fitness and strength.
  • CV Points Put “rowing” and “Oxford” near each other on a CV and you will instantly appear well organised, motivated, a good team player… …the list goes on.
  • Excitement Competing in the annual inter-college events as well as travelling to national head races and regional regattas is great fun.
Ultimately though, it is great fun and that is why the club is full of so many great people.
The Myths… …Busted
  • You need to be huge… Rubbish. Our success in the first term depends on technical excellence and not piling eight gorillas into a boat and shouting at them.
  • I will be too busy… Rowing is organised around your lectures, labs and supervisions at times to suit you. At the end of the day wa are all here to study for a degree and it is frequently demonstrated that rowing and first class marks can fit very well together. Our former captain Arthur is now a fellow at All Souls, the first Peter’s has ever seen.

Experienced rowers

If you have rowed before, either at school or at a club, we would very much like you to continue at St Peter’s.  Your expertise will be regarded as an asset, and as the Boat Club is student run you could quickly become an integral part of the team.

SPCBC at Henley Royal Regatta 2011

As the Boat Club is student run your expertise could be a great asset, and individuals in the past have quickly become part of the committee.  This gives you the opportunity to make your time at the Boat Club your own, for example encouraging and organising entry of Regattas.  In the past this has included Head of the River RaceFours Head of the River Race and Henley Royal Regatta, with very respectable results in the previous years.

College rowing can also provide a platform from which to achieve great things with the university open-weight and lightweight crews. 2012’s OUBC’s President and three times Blue Karl Hudspith is a keen St Peter’s oarsman and will provide you with all the information you need.
Being part of Oxford rowing could easily become the most memorable experience of your university career. Please get in touch to speak with other schools or club rowers.  Grab a Boat Club member or email for more information.