Novices in the mist…

Novice training for Christ Church regatta started with a bang this weekend, when we held our first ever Freshers’ Week BBQ at the Boathouse. We had an excellent turnout and managed to get far more boats than we could have imagined out on the water for a taste of Oxford rowing. The river was busy, with many other colleges having the same idea, but our coxes and rowers handled it brilliantly and an excellent time was had by all. A big shout out goes to Univ Boat Club who chipped in with some novices to push out a mixed Peter’s/Univ crew at one stage on Saturday- thanks guys!
Since then, the early mornings have begun with the same eager novices having filled our sign-up sheets in no time. We’ve seen some promising talent on the water so far and it’s only 1st week- I’ve got a really good feeling about this year! It’s never too late to pick up a blade, and at the moment we are particularly looking for men to fill our novice boats- St Peter’s men won Christ Church last year and we’re going for a second so lads, get a pen and sign up for an outing – it’s not all early mornings, there are afternoon and weekend outings too so there is no excuse! I’m really excited about this term, for it to be looking so good at such an early stage is fantastic.
Hope to see you out on the water soon!
Alex Cairns
Women’s Captain

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