Club Trophies

Club Trophies and Awards

Rather than trying to recite every achievement of the club over the last quarter-century and more, we simply list below the awarded members who have contributed so much over so many years to help our club become what it is. This page can give visitors only an overview of the history of our club and how it got to be where it is. But to every member of the club since its inception who has contributed to the club, worked hard to maintain its standards and to help it improve, and helped the club remain strong so that it has been here for the next generation of members – thank you!
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Current holders Pippa Holman of the King’s Plate (left) and Rosie Eccleston of the President’s Trophy

President’s Trophy

The Presidents’ Trophy donated by J.E. W. Testar Esq. is an annual award presented to the member who has contributed significantly to the club, worked with enthusiastic dedication to maintain its standards and who has helped the club to focus on its main goals. The Presidents’ Trophy has been awarded since its inception during the 1979-80 rowing season and was a trophy for the most improved oarsman at the beginning until it became the annual club award for dedication and general club achievements in 2000.
The original trophy was lost in the proceedings of Eights dinner 2012 (!) A new trophy was first awarded in 2014.
Year  Winner


Rosie Eccleston

Robert Laugwitz



Karl Hudspith &
Oliver Bristowe
Nicholas Fulton
2011 Una Kim
2010 Andreas Kranke
2009 James Green
2008 Sarah Barbut
2007 Jack Keevill
2006 Kate O’ Malley
2004 A.R. Loft
2003 B.D. Nelson
2001 D.J. Brooke
2000 T. Moore-Barton
1998 J.W. Brunt
1998 O. Williams
1997 R. Giles
1996 A. Vohringer
1997 S. Whittaker
1996 V. Jain
1994 D. Harrison
1993 M.J. Caldwell
1993 J.D. Carr
1993 S.L. Hodbod
1992 I.W.G. Gardiner
1992 A. Baker
1991 M. Cox
1991 S.L. Hodbod
1991 A.R. Thomson
1990 J. Laird
1990 A.D. Enthoven
1990 R. Simmons
1989 I. Gardiner
1989 G. Doreman
1988 J. Steinberg
1988 M. Theaker
1988 K.G. Bibby
1987 A.C. Garner
1987 I.T. Pataki
1986 R.M. Jackson
1986 P.E. Leary
1986 P.N. Francis
1985 A.C. Hungate
1985 A.W.A. Skinard
1985 J.M. Kinsely
1984 J.P.V. Rendle
1984 R.J. Packer
1984 M.H. Wallace
1983 M.P. Chadwich
1983 Tim Trafford
1983 P.D.E. Simpson
1982 Iron-Man Quinton
1982 Hazel Sparks
1982 M.V. Positano
1981 J.c. Thompson
1981 N.A. Deyes
1981 S. Wyatt
1980 M.D. O’Connor
1980 A.C. Jackson

King’s Plate for Most Improved Rower

This recognizes the oarsman or oarswoman who has demonstrated the most improvement during a term or over the course of his or her rowing career. The award is given to rowers who are notable for their exquisite physical technique and who are using their abilities to their greatest advantage. The silverware accompanying this award was generously sponsored by the King family in 2009, and particularly served as a reminder of the continuous support the Boat Club has enjoyed from Francis King over the years.
Year Term Winner




Pippa Holman

Tom Hadavizadeh

2015 Hilary Megumi Yamamoto
2014 Michaelmas Chris Wharton
Josephine Lyon
Sooraj Mahesh
2013 Michaelmas Jennifer Wallin
2013 Trinity Anders Jay
2013 Hilary Melissa Varney
2012 Michaelmas Jeff Chen
2012 Trinity Theresa Leimpek
2012 Hilary Paul Moore
2011 Michaelmas Eléonore Cossade
2011 Trinity Andreas Kranke
2011 Hilary Daria Huang
2010 Michaelmas Oliver Bristowe
2010 Trinity Helene Caldeman
2010 Hilary James Ghaffari
2009 Michaelmas Helen Marks
2009 Trinity Hubert MacGreevy