Eights 2013

Day 1

First day of Summer Eights today! The racing times are
W2: 12.40pm, WDiv VI (bungline 6), chasing Pembroke W3 while chased by Jesus W3,
M2: 3.40pm, MDiv IV (bungline 11), chasing Brasenose M2, being chased by Lincoln M2,
W1: 4.15pm, WDiv III (bungline 6), chasing Corpus Christi being chased by Brasenose, and finally
M1: 5.45pm, MDiv II (bungline 11), chasing Brasenose being chased by Mansfield.

Good luck for all Peter’s crews! Come down to the river for support.



Day 2

A mixed first day for SPCBC with one bump to celebrate: W2 bumped Pembroke III, all other crews had to go down one spot. We will give our best again today. Same racing times are as yesterday
W2: 12.40pm, WDiv VI (bungline 7),
M2: 3.40pm, MDiv IV (bungline 12),
W1: 4.15pm, WDiv III (bungline 5),
M1: 5.45pm, MDiv II (bungline 12).
Good luck to all racing crews!



Day 3

Difficult second day for SPCBC. W2 rowed over chased by Jesus III after crews in front of them bumped out. The men’s crews were chased by fast boats. M1 managed to row over after holding off a strong Pembroke II who then got bumped by Sommerville at Donnington Bridge.

Same racing times tomorrow! It’s expected to be slightly warmer, so come down and support our crews!


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