Update: Men’s Seniors

Men’s Seniors
The traditional bad luck of Michaelmas rowing has somewhat plagued our first squad this term, whether it has been illness in the boat or our poor launch “Gilly” choosing to selfishly die on us just as we pushed off at Radley last weekend. However, a solid core has stayed strong in the boat, willing to give their time and effort in awful conditions for the club. Along this vein, the Men’s coach (David Border) and I set about devising a land training programme that would really get the heart beating! I’m really proud to say that I have guys in the squad who will meet ‘3 X 2K’ with a smile – not to mention weights at Iffley road gym and nauseous bodyweight circuits at the boathouse.
I have no doubt that at the end of this term the stalwart men who have put in those long hours will be stronger and better rowers for it. Thank you to all of them for really getting on board despite the tough situation, and breaking that myth that 1sts can’t train in Michaelmas!
Men’s Novices
Well, emerging from a rather shady start, 14 brave new rowers are showing that last year’s success doesn’t have to be a one off. Despite the initial confusion on how a boat works (including the comment from one member of the squad “there are shoes? In the Boat?!) the novice men’s rowers began turning up to early morning starts and started to show the river what Peter’s can do best! Turning the heads of other bank-riders down the Isis, the John Baron, packed with SPCBC talent, looks set to enjoy another great Christ Church!
Every outing should have that moment when something clicks, whether it’s finally sitting the boat or nailing that ‘square early’ on the recovery. These guys have three or four of those fantastic moments in every outing. Watch this space!
Dan Humphries
Men’s Captain

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