Update: SPCWBC

Women’s Novices

The women’s novices have been coming along in leaps and bounds this week – the improvement has been outstanding and as we start to fix them into crews we can see them really working together. This morning Francis asked me why I was in such a good mood, that I normally wasn’t like that at 6.45am. Well my answer is that these novices are making me VERY happy!!

Unfortunately for them I can now see what they are capable of, so that gives me ammunition to start working them even harder! May the ergs and pieces begin!
Women’s Seniors
Just when you thought it was all about the novices…
Don’t worry, the Women’s senior squad are still working hard – with a weekly program of outings and land training we are already preparing to storm ahead for victory!  When he took the job, we all though Ori would be a calm, mild-mannered coach… but then he made us sit on an erg and we realised we severely underestimated his ability to be mean! But with some cheesy music pumping through the Boat House, we set off on our group ergs. If I said we enjoyed it just as much as we love being on the water, I’d be a big fat liar. But then we always say, if you enjoy erging then you’re clearly not doing it properly! W1 have been fantastic with putting up with all of the mayhem, and even though this term novice training is prioritised, they’re still plugging away at training and making me proud! A big thanks goes to my Vice Captain Helene for sorting the Seniors out for me, while I have one day a week when I don’t see the river! I wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff I do now without knowing I’ve got a w1 I can trust.
Next term is when we’ll prove that all of their hard work is worth it!
Alex Cairns
Women’s Captain

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