IWL 2009

St Peter’s novice and senior crews got their first taste of racing this academic year in Isis Winter League yesterday. The performances were outstanding from all members of the boat club, but I just wanted to make sure that all of the Peter’s women were giving themselves a huge pat on the back this morning. With the novice Bs gaining a very respectable time in a boat that was sat for the ENTIRE course (I think it’s clear that I am a very proud coach!) and the novice As holding overlap on an LMH mens crew for a substantial part of the race, I have never been more excited about Christ Church. Seeing the girls with painted faces and huge smiles was fantastic and a testament to how well they have bonded during training and socials this term.
If great novice success wasn’t enough to impress you, then the ranking of our Women’s 1st VIII as the second fastest Women’s crew on the river should blow you away. Unfortunately, a mathematical error on the part of OURCs meant that our initial excitement at being the winners of the Women’s class yesterday was soon whipped from underneath us, but with a women’s crew from little old Peter’s still dominating the Isis (leaving 25 mens crews behind) I think we’ve shown all of those that dare to underestimate SPCBC exactly what we’re made of!
Alex Cairns
Women’s Captain

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