4 thoughts on “Michaelmas 2019 Newsletter

  1. Thanks for the update. Pleased to see the alumni boat race was covered after its omission from the last edition of Cross Keys.
    Best of luck in Torpids and Eights Week for all who row in the Spirit of the Seventies!


    1. Dear David,
      thanks for reading us! We are pleased as well to have been able to integrate our newsletter into the Cross Keys. The termly newsletter is an effort that we started this year, and we hope to continue for the years to come.
      The men of the Spirit of the Seventies thank you for the wishes!
      We hope to see you soon!


  2. The Master and I were the only two people cheering the SPCBC Ladies first VIII from the start on Sat. 1 June when they finally won their blades, and Terry Stevens and I much appreciated your welcome at the very friendly Bump Supper in the evening. Is there now a member of Senior Common Room who is taking an interest in the Boat Club – a question I raised in an email to the Master in an email in early June?
    Best wishes for Torpids – Martin Slatter, 1st Torpid 1966.


    1. Dear Martin,
      our women 1st team well remembers your support during Summer Eights last year! Thank you again for being a reliable supporter.
      As for the SCR presence, at the moment unfortunately we still don’t have any member of it following us, but we get a constant and generous support from the college as a whole, especially from the administration departments that are very collaborative (for example with the newsletter diffusion).
      Thanks for the wishes, and we hope to see you very soon!


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