Anders and Bruce row the Thames

On the 3th of October, SPCBC boat club captains Bruce Guest (2012-13) and Anders Jay (2013-14) will embark on a mission to row up the Thames to Cricklade, and then back. This is approximately an 100 mile round trip – a journey that will take the best part of two days.

Bruce and Anders are rowing the route for Amnesty International, as well as the St. Peter’s Boat Club, which is fundraising desperately for a new boat. You have the option to either donate to Amnesty or the boat club, the JustGiving link is for Amnesty and the other one is for the Boat Fund; both very worthy causes.
We would be really really grateful for any support – 8 hours rowing really is tough on the legs as well as the tiny minds of the two oarsmen.

No donation is too small (or too large for that matter), and it would mean the world to us if you contributed- despite our jocular attitudes around college this is a real challenge for two causes very important to us and we would appreciate all the help we can get. We are aiming for a £5K target, so please help us out – the links for giving is below!

Check out the facebook event:

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