Torpids 2013

Day 1

Successful first day of torpids for SPCBC with two bumps! W2 bump St Hugh’s W2, and M2 move past St Anne’s M2. W1 rowed over and will be chasing Worchester W2 tomorrow trying to move up to women Div 3. M1 had to conceive to a fast Sommerville M1 in a new Filippi eight and will be chasing St Hugh’s M1 tomorrow. Racing times are as yesterday: 12.30pm W2, 1pm M2, 1.30pm W1, and 3pm M1. Go Peter’s!

Day 2

First of all, congratulations to W1 for bumping twice entering Div 3 the first time since 2008! Also congratulations to W2 for bumping again, this time St Anthony’s II. It seems that M2 have rowed over at the moment, M1 one down. These results are provisional until midnight.

Day 3

Unfortunately, no new bumps for SPCBC on third race day. M1 now stroke rigged rowed over. W2 prevented from bumping by first klaxon in this competition.

Last chance to see the crews row tomorrow. Racing times are: 12.30pm W2, 1pm M2, 1.30pm W1, and 3pm M1.

Tomorrows challenges include: M2 keeping their place in division 5 preventing next years crew from rowing over, W2 getting their third bump, W1 bumping back into 3rd division after bad luck today, and M1 finally getting their first bump.

Day 4

Congratulations to W2 for bumping St John’s III and overbumping St Anthony’s II and Merton II!

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