Jonny Fraser Fundraiser, London June 13th

Dear Alumni of the SPCBC,
A wonderful opportunity has arisen to give to the Boat Club in memory of Jonny Fraser, a past 2nd VIII Captain who tragically drowned whilst trying to save someone in distress when he was a Second Year. Attached is an invitation to a silent auction (for paintings of St Peter’s by Luke Martineau) and drinks reception in London on 13th June. The organisers, one of whom is Stephanie Wilson, another of our alumni, who was Jonny’s College daughter and who made me aware of the event, have generously agreed to donate the proceeds from a specially selected painting (hopefully a rowing scene of the Isis) to the Boat Club in order to buy something in Jonny’s memory.
We thought that it might be a good idea to try to co-ordinate a group bid from St Peter’s Boat Club Alumni. If the bid was successful, the Boat Club would end up keeping the painting as well as the proceeds. We already have £300 in the pool, so we’re hoping that this will be a good way to raise a significant bid! Equally, if any single person or individual group wishes to make a bid to keep the painting themselves, that would be great too, the proceeds still end up with the Boat Club.
The painting in question can be seen above. And here is a link to a selection of the artist’s work which gives an idea of the painter’s style:
We hope you agree that this is a wonderful opportunity to give to the Boat Club in Jonny Fraser’s memory, we hope that you can make it to the event (please contact Mary Chalk at the Development Office if interested), or commit to contributing to the bidding pool (just reply to this email to pledge a donation).
Best Wishes,
Ollie Bristowe
SPCBC President 2011/12

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