SPCWBC Prepare for Torpids



The women’s side of the Boat Club continues to attract rowers old and new, which is represented by the fact that we have three boats who’ll be racing in Torpids this year. The W2 crew do not need to qualify for a place in the regatta, which is excellent news and means all their hard work and training will not go unrecognised on the Isis. W1 has filled six of its seats this year with girls who raced in the novice Christ Church regatta in November; therefore, the crew have had a great deal of water time in Hilary term, as well as several very useful sessions on the tanks. We’re also delighted by the addition of two new coxes to the squad, whose dedication on chilly mornings hasn’t gone unnoticed!

The Torpids draw places W1 between two crews from Trinity, and the girls are gearing up to bump early. W2 have been focusing primarily on the start sequence in past weeks and look set to bomb up the river. Girls from last year’s W1 have also formed a “cocktail” boat, which happily places them in a lower division comparative to their respective abilties, meaning they have a very strong chance of blades. Good luck to all racing crews!

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