Meanwhile, Down on the River…

I’ve seen quite a few of the Freshers crews over the last few weeks and they are shaping up very well indeed. Whether we will have success of the degree of intoxication as last year remains to be seen. Perhaps with Ladies A we have the best chance. They are big and strong and being chased to within inches of physical tolerance by Alex the Ladies Captain. It is true that Alex is unlikely to get any Christmas cards, but the commitment of the crew deserves fitting reward.
The Ladies B crew is developing into a very nice little unit. Alas, the stress is on little. They are slick and quick but will always be hampered by lack of size. Even so, if the start that they demonstrated in the wet and the cold of Friday afternoon is anything to go by, they could do very well indeed. I wonder if the fact that they were going back to the Boat house and out of the rain had anything to do with it?
The Boys, well, the term “Hairy Assed Rowing” was coined for them, they’re big and they’re brash they’re strong and they’re splashy. One can’t help feeling that a little more discipline over their drinking the night before might pay dividends. There are several lads in that crew who will be vying for first VIII places by the time the term is out. Watch out current members!
There is now also a Men’s B squad, some of whom, rather confusingly are women. Basically it is a joint crew but the rules only permit them to row as men.
Isis Winter League rankings were a bit confusing and probably not terribly accurate but I think we can claim some encouraging results. Well done everyone.
Francis King

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