Summer Eights 2009

2009 has been a fantastic year for St. Peter’s College Boat Club and the Summer Eights campaign was a fantastic way to top it off. The college finished the week on +4 bumps overall placing us 7th out of 37 clubs which is a fantastic achievement. Five crews competed in this years competition which is the most since 2005 – here is a brief word on each of their achievements over the week.

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Men’s 1st VIII

The Men’s 1st VIII came into the week off the back of a great success at Bedford Regatta  and were hoping for a good week. Unfortunately they were bumped by a very quick LMH crew behind them on Thursday pushing them into the unenviable position of sandwich boat, faced with rowing over in front of Christ Church II (Christ Church I being Head of the River). They did so in style with three excellent rowers before having a final chance to take a bump at the foot of division 2 on Saturday, however following a collision received a penalty bump placing them down 2 overall for the week.

Women’s 1st VIII
The Women’s 1st’s were tipped at the start of the week as potential risers and didn’t disappoint with excellent bumps on the first two days against Jesus and St. Anthony’s. Particularly impressive is the fact that the second bump was achieved with no.2 off her seat for most of the race! However their quest for blades was halted thereafter thanks to a fast Trinity crew ahead. Despite this they came within a length of an overbump on the final day which is no easy feat.

Men’s 2nd VIII

The Men’s 2nd VIII continued their meteoric rise up the divisions of recent years with several fantastic bumping displays. They struck fear into the hearts of their opponents before each race with rousing renditions of the Boat Club song and duly bumped Queen’s on day one followed by St. Benet’s and Jesus on day 2, all within a minute, to become division 4 sandwich boat. On Friday 2 pairs of crews bumped out ahead and the double-overbump was beyond even this crew. Despite the chance of blades gone, they came out on Saturday and bumped Balliol to cement their place in division 4 and the 2nd VIII’s highest position since 1995.

Women’s 2nd VIII

Following a fantastic rowing on performance, the Women’s seconds were desperately unlucky to be place at the bottom of the division in the random draw. With crews bumping out ahead they rowed over every day and showed great spirit in the process.

Men’s 3rd VIII

The Men’s 3rd’s were undoubtedly the best dressed on the river. In the style of Freddie Mercury (I think), they donned skin tight zebra print leggings, blond wigs and fluorescent headbands. Truly a sight to behold! On the rowing front they ended the week level with one bump on St. Hugh’s and getting bumped (really hard!) by Univ.

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